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Update 01/09/21
Source: Statement from Acting Premier
Metropolitan Melbourne Settings – lockdown restrictions will be in place until at least 11:59pm, Saturday, 23 September.
  • Curfew: From 9pm to 5am, a person is not permitted to leave their home except for limited reasons
  • Religious gatherings and ceremonies: No in-person gatherings permitted. Broadcast permitted with maximum five people, must be the same five people each time.
  • Private and public gatherings will not be permitted. Therefore home church, micro church and any small groups will not be allowed to meet. Visiting intimate partner allowed. Single person bubbles will also be allowed.
  • Funerals – 10 people allowed
  • Wedding – 5 people allowed
  • Work – If you can work from home, you must work from home
  • Authorised workplaces and workers are permitted to attend onsite work
  • There will be five reasons to leave home: Food and supplies; Authorised work; Care and caregiving; Exercise; Getting vaccinated
  • Exercise and shopping will be limited to five kilometres from home. If there’s no shops in your 5km radius, you can travel to the ones closest to you. Shopping is also limited to one person per day, per household.
  • Face masks will also need to be worn inside and outdoors – everywhere except your own home.
  • exception for food and drink limited so that face coverings can only be removed to eat and to drink non-alcoholic beverages
  • Check in upon entry using the Service Victoria app, even if visit is less than 15 minutes.

更新日期: 01/09/21

  • 晚上9:00PM至5:00AM進行宵禁,除非有充足理由,否則必須留在家中
  • 教會崇拜及聚會: 只提供網上直播及預先錄影的崇拜 (最多五名工作人員),必須是指定五個相同的人
  • 不允許任何私人或公開聚會
  • 任何家中或小組聚會一律停止進行
  • 葬禮只允許十人
  • 婚禮只允許五人
  • 如你的工作可以在家做的,就必須在家工作
  • 必須有公司簽發的許可證才可離家工作
  • 只有五個理由離家:購買食物及必須品、工作、照顧他人、運動及打防疫針
  • 購物及做運動不能離家超過五公里,每天每個家庭只允許一人前往購物。
  • 除了在家中外,無論在室內或戶外都必須帶上口罩。
  • 除了在家中外,無論在室內或戶外,只可除下口罩進行非酒精類的飲食
  • 前往任何公眾地方,就算逗留小於十五分鐘也必須使用維州政府的二維碼登記

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