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Update 16/06/21 – 12pm
Source: Statement from Acting Premier
Victoria Further Ease Of Restrictions From 17/06/21 11.59pm
  • Religious gatherings and ceremonies are permitted for up to 150 people per venue* (75 people indoors, 75 people outdoors); density quotient of 1 person per 4 sqm applies (Minimum number of people necessary to conduct a religious activity and children under 12 months old are not counted towards this cap).
  • Funerals permitted with cap of 70 people (People necessary to conduct the funeral and children under 12 months old are not counted towards this cap).
  • Weddings permitted with 20 person cap including 2 people being married, celebrant and 2 witnesses
  • Private gatherings are limited to two adults per day together or separately (dependants of visiting adults excluded from cap)
  • Public gathering permitted for up to 20 people.
  • Can leave home for any reason, 25km travel limit will be removed and travel between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria will resume.
  • Mask must be worn indoors.Recommended to be worn outdoors where 1.5 metres physical distancing cannot be maintained. A mask must be carried at all times
  • Check in upon entry using the Service Victoria app, even if visit is less than 15 minutes.

更新日期: 16/06/21 – 12pm

由 2021年6月17日 晚上11:59PM開始,墨爾本區最新限制
  • 教會崇拜及聚會: 最多一百五十人 (室內七十五人,室外七十五人),必須每四平方一人,網上直播崇拜仍會繼續
  • 葬禮只允許七十人參與
  • 婚禮只允許二十人參與,包括一對新人及主禮人
  • 私人家中聚會,每天最多兩名成人及他們的小孩
  • 私人戶外聚會最多二十人
  • 以任何理由都可以離家,沒有了二十五十公里限制,可前往維州鄉郊地區
  • 不得前往維州的郊區
  • 在室內必須戴上口罩,户外如可保持1.5米距離無需戴口罩及必須隨時攜帶在身。
  • 前往任何公眾地方,就算逗留小於十五分鐘也必須使用維州政府的二維碼登記

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Where are we?

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