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Call for Pastors

Melbourne Chinese Baptist Church is a multilingual (Cantonese, Mandarin & English) evangelical local Church in Australia. We embrace the commandment and mission of Christ. In God’s grace & His Words, we endeavour to nurture disciples and motivate them to actively serve God by exercising their Spiritual gifts, as well as taking part in community services to advance the Good News of Salvation in the community.

In God's grace, we are prayerfully seeking God to call additional pastors to the pastoral team:
1) to serve as the Senior Pastor of the church (email - [email protected])
2) to serve as the Lead Pastor of our Mandarin congregation (email - [email protected])
3) to serve as the Associate Pastor of our Cantonese congregation (email - [email protected])
4) to serve as the Associate Pastor of our Children Ministry (email - [email protected])

If you have the sense of being called by the Holy Spirit, you are most welcome to contact us by email as listed above for details about our Church and the position profile.

Let us join as one in prayer to seek, to discern, and to respond to His calling.